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Broken Arrow Athletic Department


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An athlete who has the desire to be the best needs to make a commitment to excellence.

Remember, you have the control over your physical and mental conditioning. What kind of athlete do you want to become? The choice is yours.

To be successful, the 4 P’s of excellence should be incorporated into your preparation for the season.

The 4 P’s are:

Understand that being the best at your chosen sport takes time. Work on achieving your goals. Set realistic expectations for yourself. Believe that success is a learning process and is the product of hard work.

All of your training should be designed to make you a more successful athlete. Identify the difference between “nice to do” and “necessary to do” exercises. Turn your athletic potential into athletic performance.

Whatever you do, take pride in your approach. Do not settle for mediocrity. Commitment to doing your best provides you with the work habits to be the best. It is your approach to training that separates you from the rest.

Never settle for anything less than your best. Take advantage of opportunities when presented to you. Be ready to do the little things that lead to success. Learn from your mistakes and grow more positive in your approach to your sport.

Remember, following the Broken Arrow Conditioning Program will help you to develop:


  1. Establish a routine of training to improve your physical conditioning. Make conditioning a part of your daily routine – year around.
  2. Injury Reduction. A well conditioned athlete is less likely to be injured and if he/she is injured they will recover quickly for the next competition.
  3. Improve Work Capacity. A well conditioned athlete can handle high quality work and recover quickly for the next competition.
  4. Strive for Balanced Muscular Development. Strengthen the muscles as they are needed for optimum performance. Remember, you are training to compete as an athlete in your chosen sport.
  5. Improve your “Core Strength”. The strength of the abdomen, low back, and hip girdle area is essential to transfer the force generated by the legs to the upperbody.
  6. To help each individual to know and to understand their strengths and limitations order to help Maximize Potential (If skills are equal, strength can help propel you past your opponents).