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Off-season workouts energizing Tigers for 2020 football season

On occasion,
5e66868ac2d28On occasion, "The Straps" add competition an afternoon workout.
On occasion, "The Straps" add competition an afternoon workout.

The Broken Arrow Tigers are back in the offseason lab developing explosiveness, reshaping their bodies and energizing their competitive spirit as they seek to improve on the 9-3, state semifinal season of 2019.

“The main purpose of the off-season is physical development,” said strength and conditioning coach Cody Ellett, who along with assistant strength and conditioning coach Cole Moos in guiding players through “a lot more volume, meaning a lot more weight, reps, sets.

“During the season, practice is ‘priority one,’ so training has to scale back to accommodate that,” Ellett noted. “But during off-season training is ‘priority one,’ so we can do a lot more and that's more of a development phase where as in-season is more of a maintenance phase.”

The five-day a week offseason began the first day after Winter Break. Each day starts fast and doesn’t slow for the group that consist of current freshmen, sophomores and seniors.

“We have a lot of young guys who haven't played, and even guys who have played, that are trying to get bigger, faster, stronger,” Ellett said. “Who needs to gain weight or who needs to lose weight: the priority is to identify what each athlete needs the most.”

The offseason workout also allows players to work on speed and agility. New technology tracks times, speeds, and specific other athletic measurements are being incorporated into these workouts.

“We started using our electronic timers more often, and we will start using them even more after Spring break,” Ellett said. “We are timing guy’s power output, their miles per hour and we’ll start timing their 40’s and pro agilities when we get back from spring break.”

While the offseason is about improving measurables, there also are some added competitive moments in the weight room and on the indoor turf.

 Perhaps the challenge that creates the most enthusiasm is “the straps,” a type of tug-o-war with combatants on hands and feet trying to run and drag their opponent 10 yards.

“I’ll sometimes select a couple of guys, but we’ll also have callouts,” Ellett said. “The guys love it.”

Broken Arrow’s 10-practice spring season begins May 18. The spring game is scheduled for May 30, with a concluding workout on June 1. June 2-4 is Varsity Team Camp.